Beach/Snow Freedom Chair

Model 1600

The Beach/Snow Freedom Chair allows wheelchair users to overcome the difficulties of stairs, rough terrain, sand and packed snow.



  • Includes 2 sets of wheels/10” Worry Free & Sand/Snow Wheels
  • Allows access through rough terrain, sand and “packed” snow
  • Evacuates up and down stairs
  • Safety restraints
  • Arm rests
  • Removable carrying arms
  • Removable side handles
  • Offers up to 6 points of lifting
  • Weather proof open-weave polyester seat
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Sturdy aircraft grade aluminum frame
  • Folds flat for easy transportation
  • Requires little or no training
  • Fits most car trunks (Beach wheels may need to be removed)
  • Large storage back pocket
  • NOTE: Snow wheels work well in packed snow not in high fluffy snow




Folded dimensions: 60”x 24”x 11“ (without beach wheels)

Unfolded dimensions: 60” x 24”x 37”

Weight capacity: 400 pounds

Weight: 23# with 10” Wheels installed

32# with Beach Wheels installed

Warranty: 1 year parts and labor

Beach/Snow Tires 6 months

10" Wheel


Beach Wheel


Having evacuation chairs in your building greatly reduces your liability exposure by providing quick and easy means of evacuation for people with special needs.



These evacuation chairs are easy to use. Our Emergency Evacuation Chairs and Baby saver store flat for convenience yet unfold for use in seconds. Our devices can be operated with little or no training.


Our evacuation chairs are designed to provide transportation to safe locations. In the event of an emergency, you need quick and easy methods of evacuation. The ability to evacuate both up and down stairs is essential to any safety plan. Does your evacuation plan meet your fire code?



Do you have an evacuation plan that includes transporting people with special needs, injured persons or infants? If not, call us. We can provide evacuation chairs and devices, a safety consultation and training.

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